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Most good meditation chairs can be ordered online, possibly the best chair availible is one of only two types sold on Amazon. The Gaiam rattan meditation chair is availible in two colors from Amazon. Thai meditation cushions can be used in much the same way as a chair, you see these often in Thailand, not just for use in meditation but also in some resturants. Backjack chairs are the only other type currently sold at Amazon.

The Benefits of a Meditation Chair

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Meditation chairs are an excellent aid to help you get the most out of your meditation practice. They are designed to help you hold correct posture and breathing while you meditate. If you have trouble maintaining your posture, breathing or experience discomfort meditating on the floor a meditation chair could not just be a great assistance to you, if you suffer from any of these distractions but essential to progressing in your practice. If you have back problems and find it hard to keep your posture a meditation chair could be essential.

If you have trouble with posture forward tilting chairs will help. For back pain chairs providing lumbar support are required, depending on your back condition you can often choose a suitable chair simply by the size of its back.

There are various styles of meditation chairs available and choosing the right one for you and your meditation style and physical needs is not at all difficult when you know what you should look for.

Accepted benefits of a meditation chair:

  • Provide the back alignment and support which reduces the stress of having to sit in one single position during meditation. Proper back alignment and support reduces the stress of sitting in one position for a long time and removes the extra pressure from your back.
  • If you have back problems, these chairs offer additional support and do not aggrevate your condition.
  • Increased comfort and relaxation allowing you to meditate longer and more deeply.
  • Beginners to meditation find the added comfort and support given by meditation chairs allow you to learn meditation techniques much faster and reduces the stumbling block many encounter.

Meditation chairs allow you to quickly relax and comfortably focus all of your attention on meditating. Because they help to make the process so much more comfortable and rewarding many would never give up their chair with the benfits being so obvious and immediate. If you want to get more out of your practice a meditation chair can really help. If you have a dedicated space for meditation a chair and a few other accessories to promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere will create a wonderful sancturary right in your own home.

Styles of Meditation Chairs

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Meditation Chairs come is a variety of styles and materials. Most popular are wood and rattan. Some chairs look just like mini chairs, they usually allow the user to sit with their legs crossed on the chair, others may appear like a sort of odd looking dish and allow the user to rest their legs on the ground but elevate the bottom and promote an upright posture. The choice comes down to personal preference and what support you require from a chair, choose a chair with the most benefits for you.


Raga Meditation Chair

The”Raga” by Harmony In Design is the latest line of meditation furniture. The name “Raja” comes from the Sanskrit word for “royalty”. The Raja Chair is made from sustainable materials including a seat and back of woven banana leaf and a solid mango wood frame. It is unique in that it has armrests unlike many other chairs, this may be appealing to some people. The armrests are purposefully short so the legs still have room to be crossed if you wish.

Harmony in Design also make two other very popular chairs, the Seagrass, a simple and beautiful design and the Ecopod which is a very popular rattan design.

Zen by Design make three very stylish and and different meditation chairs. The Rama is a clean and modern design. The Wandering Monk is a small fold-able chair well suited to taking to your group sessions or retreat as well as for home use. The One is a very Zen inspired design, a thing of beauty as well as function.

Seagrass Meditation Chair

Seagrass Meditation Chair

Gaiam have another Rattan Meditation Chair, its eco friendly material and natural looks make it another very popular choice.

While maybe not as stylish as the other offerings Backjack make a floor chair that is well suited to meditation and Yoga. They fold completely flat which makes them easy to store and very portable.

Salubrion have a small plastic seat with a unique design but it is better suited to persons with small figures.

Chairs range from around $30 to over $300

What is a Meditation Chair?

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A Rattan Meditation Chair

A Rattan Meditation Chair

Meditation chairs are seats designed to make meditation more comfortable. Many people find that meditation in some seated and kneeling postures creates pressure points and discomfort that detracts from the meditation experience. They can also be used in Yoga.

Meditation chairs are designed to provide padding to negate the pressure points and to promote correct posture. You can remain relaxed and comfortable enhancing the spiritual and health benefits of meditation.

Meditation chairs are beneficial to both beginners and advanced meditations. They allow beginners to focus on meditation itself without the distraction from the discomfort associated with many meditative postures and allows experienced mediators to sit longer.

Chairs are made of rattan or wood and sometimes even plastic, some have cushions built in while others come with loose cushions or none at all. There are many unique designs, from chairs that look almost completely normal to ones that look almost like a cushion more than a chair.

There are also chairs made to be easily portable so that you may travel with them or easily take them along to meditation groups. These portable chairs are smaller than normal meditation chairs and have hinged lumbar support backs so they can be folded. The variety of styles of meditation chairs means that everyone can find one to suit their required comfort level, size and even fashion.

In additional to chairs are meditation benches and cushions, these also assist in making meditation more comfortable.

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